rosie peterson
watching sunset painting
Conversations painting Sailboat painting Resting Bird painting


Life continuously streams experiences, feelings and emotions through our consciousness, and often one leads or morphs into the next. The meanings of these things is as individual as you and me.

In addition, there is a mystery that surrounds. It is the people around me, who I can never perfectly understand; it is wild nature, growing and moving freely and powerfully. It is the unknown of the future, and the blurriness of the past; the vastness of space - in the mind, in the home, and in all the universe.


In painting, I pull out a specific feeling, emotion or experience from the mix which is my reality. Sometimes it's a feeling that hangs over my head, coloring everything I do and observe. Sometimes an experience produces a sharp, intense emotion. Both are valid, both are true, and both can be powerful, even controlling.