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rosie peterson

New Work: 2016

New Work: 2015

A Selection of Past Work




PigHorse painting
Meditation painting
Star painting
Gaze painting
Standing Sentry painting
Hedgehog of San Marco painting
For Helen painting
Brontosaurus and the Tram painting
Waterfall painting
Drowning Bull
Nature Playing with Machinery
Rescue painting
Something Good painting
Awake painting
Out of the Storm painting
Water Over painting
Amphibious Businesswoman Riding a Collapsable Bike painting
Tower painting
Fighter painting
Swimmers' Refuge painting
The Way Not to Go painting
Memory of a Bouquet painting
Turmoil painting
Lava Flowers painting
Aquaduct painting
Brilliant painting
Two Donkeys painting

Plexiglass Paintings

Cathedral plexiglass painting
Paula's Roses plexiglass painting
No Maintenance Garden plexiglass painting
Piano on the Beach Plexiglass painting
Before the Haircut Plexiglass painting

Recent Projects

Works on Paper Vision 20/20 Other Items

All Photos by Bret Corrington - Artist Eye Portfolio Studio