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VISION 20/20
rosie peterson
Vision 20/20 is a Burien Arts event. 20 artists prepare 20 twelve-inch by twelve-inch panels, which are sold in an art-buying-frenzy in late November. I was lucky to be one of the artists this year. It was an amazing evening! Here are of some of those panels.

Girl of Fall Trees

Girl of the Fall Trees

Gears painting

Clockmaker's Winter

Swimming Giraffe painting

Giraffe in the Springtime

Sunflowers on a Summer Night

Summer Night Sunflowers

Fall Afternoon - Tessellation of Tip-Toeing Peacocks in Trenchcoats

Apple Tree on Tessellations

Winter - Lonely painting

Lonely Winter painting

Spring Chickadee painting

Chickadee Elevator painting

Manufacturing a Camel painting

Manufacturing a Camel

Fall Tree

Fall Tree

Christmas painting


Springtime Ocean painting

Springtime Ocean

Tea for Two painting

Tea for Two

Bridge in Fall painting

Bridge in Fall


Greek Warrior in the Hat of Shame painting

Greek Warrior Wears the Hat of Shame

Premeditated painting



yes, another No Maintenance Garden painting

No-Maintenance Garden