rosie peterson
The Roadrunner
Finding the Airfish
Panther, Beware!
Tram's Apex
Roadrunner Painting
Finding the Airfish Panther Beware painting Tram's Apex painting
oil on canvas, 30 x 20 oil on canvas, 48 x 30 oil on canvas, 28 x 22 10 x 8, acrylic on plexiglass


Freedom of thought and expression is my primary focus in painting. I'm intrigued by the stories my mind tells me, which may be partly factual or entirely fiction. These stories become reality, and when they don't agree, what is truth?

Stories of the mind can be helpful, giving us hope for the future, and courage to deal with life. Emotions arise from stories; they rarely occur without provocation. The emotions then shape our perceptions of the stories. It's all so convoluted...